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If you’re reading this, then you’re someone who cares a lot about our handcrafted bourbon. So we’re very glad that we’ve found each other. After all, that’s how Maker’s Mark has grown from the very beginning – by people who discovered our whisky, liked it and told their friends about it.

Since the first bottle of Maker’s was created in 1958, we’ve continued to do things carefully and slowly. Every one is special and handmade in the same way as that very first bottle. We still hand-rotate our barrels, hand cut every label and of course every bottle is still hand-dipped in the signature red wax.

So read on and join The Makers, we hope you’ll be inspired to make great drinks and spread the word about the meaning of handcrafted.

Red winter wheat is the key ingredient that gives Maker’s Mark its distinct, sweet flavour and makes it stand out from most other bourbon

Tradition matters to us, we still use a 1935 Chandler & Price printing press to diecut
our bottle labels

A nod to every single hand-dipped bottle of Maker’s Mark. Our iconic wax is a symbol of our authenticity and handcrafted nature – no two bottles are the same

Appreciation of wood is a must for any maker and key to the whisky making process

The Makers is a series of intimate, hands-on workshops for creative, curious and ambitious bartenders, living by the Maker’s Mark mantra: ‘Heart-Made, Head-Made, Hand-Made’

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